University of Warwick: Neuromarketing – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Jun 06 2012

University of Warwick: Neuromarketing

Films of the Neuromarketing 2008 conference

1. Neuroscience: new risks, new rewards
16:16, Tue 20 Jan 2009
John Bunyard and Tim Routledge, founders of the Newcomen Group, discuss how honest science can be very good for business.

2. Eye tracking in the retail environment
11:49, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Siemon Scamell Katz, founder of TNS Magasin, discusses his use of eye tracking to investigate and understand shopper behaviour.

3. The battle within: using fMRI to view consumers’ conflicted responses
11:47, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Joshua Freedman, MD of the Semler Institute for Neuroscience at UCLA, looks at how the brain responds to complex natural stimuli. Includes an fMRI view of the 2008 US elections.

4. Advances in applied neuroimaging
11:44, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Professor Steven Williams, of Neurosense, reviews the latest MRI techniques being used to predict decision-making processes.

5. ‘That’s really cool… now what?’
11:37, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Graham Page, Executive VP Global Solutions for Millward Brown looks at the future for neuroscience in consumer research. Incorporating EEG, eye-tracking and cognitive psychology.

6. Engagement, entertainment and the brain
11:34, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Professor Richard Silberstein of the Brain Sciences Institute and Chairman of Neuro-Insight looks at television viewing and Steady State Topography.

6. Brain Science: the magic bullet that can help marketing hit the target better
11:30, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Robin Wight of WCRS and The Engine Group investigates how developments in brain scan research provides new insights that could lead to dramatic increases in marketing performance.

7. Prof Gemma Calvert
09:39, Thu 4 Dec 2008
Professor Calvert’s introduction to the subject of the Neuromarketing 2008 conference.

These lectures are also available for viewing at itunes university.

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