Feb 27 2012

UCLA: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI)

The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA serves up a comprehensive library of images devoted to the brain and videos describing how scientists go about their imaging work. Their Youtube channel has many fascinating if often mysterious looks at very particular parts of the brain. Here is great example:

1. The first link is to a short animated movie, The Cortical Journey.  The viewer is moved through an animated human brain slice by slice into an increasingly magnified view, offering a  progression from tissue to the inner structure of a neuron body.

2. How is all this work being accomplished? LONI offers a look at the technique of cyro slicing and cortical staining for the truly curious. Here is an interview with researcher Dr Paul Thompson talks about why imaging is so important to science and medicine.

3. Some of the most interesting work being done at LONI involves The Human Connectome Project,  a joint research effort to map the relationship between billions of neurons in the human brain.

More about the Human Connectome Project here. More about the ENIGMA project here

In this video the LONI team explains how the direction of axonal tracts in the brain are accounted for in imaging animations

4. And lastly, The Mouse Connectome Project is an NIH funded project to map the all the neural connections in a mouse brain. See the gallery for many mysterious and colorful images of mouse neuronal maps.