The Royal Society: “Plasticity of the Brain” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Feb 06 2012

The Royal Society: "Plasticity of the Brain"

A special region in your brain lights up when you hear or read a verb. It doesn’t have to be an action verb. What does that mean? Neuroscience does not have a definitive answer but every year scientists produce thousands of new reports on what we are learning.

Colin Blakemore won the prestigious Ferrier Medal from the Royal Society.* His lecture, The lecture on the  plasticity of the brain is  far more than a jazz on your lifelong ability to learn new things as you age. The Oxford professor of neuroscience delivers a true history of our understanding of the brain and cognition. Along the way, he gives a tour of the brain: its evolution, principle regions and related cognitive functions. Click here to see that lecture.



tragicomic mosaic from the Baths of Decius on the Aventine Hill, Rome. photo credit: creative commons

*The Royal Society, founded in 1660, is the stuff of legend. Early participants are responsible for the creation of science as we know it.


Blakemore discusses life-long learning and his ideas about the role of technology in an interview here: