Mar 28 2012

The Guardian: "Aerobic Exercise triggers New Cell Growth"

Why does exercise improve brain power?

Cambridge University researchers studying mice have discovered that running (and other aerobic exercise) stimulated mice brains to grow new grey matter. ᔥ A few days of running led to the growth of hundreds of thousands of new brain cells . This growth improved the ability of the mice to recall memories without confusing them.  This kind of memory is crucial for learning and other cognitive tasks, researchers said.

Tissue samples from the dentate gyrus (a part of the hippocampus) of the brain revealed @6,000 new brain cells per cubic millimeter in the exercising mice.

“We know exercise can be good for healthy brain function, but this work provides us with a mechanism for the effect,” said Timothy Bussey, a behavioural neuroscientist at Cambridge.

Berretta/Sims/Rex Features
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