The Atlantic, “How Emotions Influence Decision Making” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Nov 04 2016

The Atlantic, "How Emotions Influence Decision Making"

This Atlantic article summarizes the work of Harvard researcher Jennifer Lerner, a professor of public policy and management. Lerner’s work suggests that, rather than relying on our guts, decisions made in the contexts of specific emotions can have very different consequences.

Angry deciders more likely to take risks and to minimize the dangers associated with those risks. Angry people crave rewards.

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Happy deciders are more likely to put their faith in the length of the message (or the attractiveness of the messenger) than in the its quality of the message.

Sad deciders, if they aren’t too sad, are more likely to weight their options thoughtfully. Really sad deciders have trouble making decisions.

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Another article on the same subject from Big Think focuses on the negotiation implications of emotion in decision making.