Stanford University: Robert Sapolsky, “The uniqueness of humans” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Feb 16 2012

Stanford University: Robert Sapolsky, "The uniqueness of humans"

What makes Robert Sapolsky unique? He is a rock star of neuroscience: beloved by National Geographic, The New York Times and the MacArthur Foundation. You haven’t heard of Robert Sapolsky? Other researchers may impress you with how smart they are; Sapolsky makes you feel like a genius. That earns him the five star rating in our estimation. Here, he delivers an end of the year celebration speech at Stanford University where he teaches and does neurobiology research. This talk for general audiences compares us with the other animals. What is the difference?  You can reflect on his reflections on reflection.


Link here for more Sapolsky or, for a quick video introduction, check out  this interview from  a joint Stanford University / National Geographic program on “Killer Stress.”