Apr 09 2012

Stanford: Carol Dweck, "How to Praise Children"

Carol Dweck’s research has garnered her significant attention. Her claim is that it is more effective to praise your children’s efforts – the trying – rather than for their intrisic qualities. Children who are praised for being smart or talented – often grow brittle and afraid to move beyond what they are initially good at. Children praised for trying will keep trying; they will have show a “growth mindset.”

This video is part of Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s company’s website, Mindset Works. The website is filled with information but the short videos available on this page will take you straight to the point: how to encourage your kids in a way that will motivate them to grow stronger as learners.

It also has two great shorts on the gallery page featuring Michael Jordan and JK Rowling on failure and success:

for more on this subject see Timothy Wilson’s Redirect