Nobel Prize Organization: “The Mystery of Memory” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Apr 06 2012

Nobel Prize Organization: "The Mystery of Memory"

Why do we remember the bad things more often than the good? There is a strong link between emotion and memory. Stress hormones strengthen communication between neurons. These hormones are released by the amygdala. Now researchers are looking for drugs that will help you forget your fear memories by tricking your amygdala reports the Nobel Prize Organization.

The strength of this video comes through its rapid review of the current understanding of how memories are formed in the brain. Tracing the history of neuroscience, this video moves chronologically from the first pictures of neurons to how it is that memories are formed, to speculations about how we can affect our memories.

Is it a good thing?

For more on this subject see: neuroethics, Christopher deCharms TED talk

For a more complete review of the neuronal basis of memory, see HHMI’s Holiday Lecture Series: Mind, Molecule and Memory

watch the Nobel Prize Organization’s The Mystery of Memory