Apr 06 2012

New York Magazine: "Snooze or Lose, Can a Lack of Sleep Set Back Your Child's Cognitive Abilities?"

This article summarizes findings from sleep researchers looking at cognitive functioning in sleepy students. The results are eye opening and scary. If you are a parent and have not read this article get ready to be amazed.

Here is one small snippet:

Virtually all young children are allowed to stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays. Yet she’s [Dr. Monique LeBourgeois of Brown University] discovered that the sleep-shift factor alone is correlated with performance on a standardized school-readiness test. Every hour of weekend shift costs students seven points on the test. Dr. Paul Suratt of the University of Virginia studied the impact of sleep problems on vocabulary-test scores of elementary-school students. He also found a seven-point reduction in scores. Seven points, Suratt notes, is significant: “Sleep disorders can impair children’s I.Q.’s as much as lead exposure.”

photo credit: Martine Fougeron
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