Mar 26 2012

National Geographic & Stanford University: "Killer Stress with Robert Sapolsky"

We are hard wired to respond to stress. Feeling stress isn’t all bad.

It can be really useful if a lion is after you.

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky maintains that our stress response mechanism isn’t a problem; the problem is we turn it on for psychological reasons – thinking about bills, prices, disease or drone warfare in Afghanistan – and we don’t know how to turn it off.

It is the chronic nature of psychological stress that wears on our systems.

As always, Sapolsky is fascinating to listen to and compelling in his discussion of modern stressors. Be sure to click on all the short videos located in different categories.  More…

For a longer lecture by Sapolsky on this subject click here.

For an Exploratorium audio lecture on the effects of stress on memory, click here.

Stanford and the National Geographic, “Killer Stress”