May 02 2012

MIT Technology Review: "How to Train Your Own Brain"

From the article:

ᔥ Scientists have previously shown that people can learn to consciously control their brain activity if they’re shown their brain activity data in real time—a technique called real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Researchers have used this technology effectively to teach people to control chronic pain and depression. They’ve been pursuing similar feedback methods to help drug users kick their addictions.

But there are problems. The current technology focuses to closely on particular regions of the brain and the data is difficult to read. Now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a method whereby they can read the brain as a whole. The resulting images allow researchers to see what regions of the brain are active during specific thought processes.

If you can see specific thoughts, initial research suggests you might be able to learn to control them.

MIT Technology Review, Train your own brain