May 05 2012

McGill University: "How Exercising your Memory Strengthens it"

Your memory is integral to your sense of self. Without a sequence of memories to recall, you are not really you.

Memory and learning are intertwined. All learning is in some sense memory formation.

And perhaps memory is more than that – neuroscientists speculate that our ability to create and sustain memories may be, from an evolutionary perspective, more about imagining possible futures than recalling past events.


What is the nature of memory?

1. Memory is associational. It is easier to remember something if it is connected to other ideas that you already know.
2. Memory requires attention. You are more likely to remember something if you attend to the new piece of information and then rehearse the concept over and over.
3. Memory requires intention. The less any given fact is integrated with your overall personality and activities, the faster you will forget it. We quickly forget anything that is not supported by a motivation and does not lead to an action.

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The Persistence of Memory by Salavador Dali, 1931