Harvard/MIT Professor Jeremy Wolfe: “Sensation, Perception and Memory” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Apr 03 2012

Harvard/MIT Professor Jeremy Wolfe: "Sensation, Perception and Memory"

This thorough and friendly introduction to all facets of sensation and perception has clear writing, helpful interactive activities and great hyperlinks (plus chapter summaries, quizzes, key terms and study questions.)

Explore a Chapter: 

1. Introduction
2. First Steps in Vision: From Light to Neural Signals
3. Spatial Vision: From Spots to Stripes
4. Perceiving and Recognizing Objects
5. The Perception of Color
6. Space Perception and Binocular Vision
7. Attention and Scene Perception
8. Motion Perception
9. Hearing: Physiology and Psychoacoustics
10. Hearing in the Environment
11. Music and Speech Perception
12. Spatial Orientation and the Vestibular System
13. Touch
14. Olfaction
15. Taste
* The book is written by Jeremy Wolfe, Keith Kluender (U Wisconsin Madison) and Denis M Levi (UC Berkeley) and published by Sinauer Associates


explore Wolfe et al, Sensation and Perception. Sinauer Assoc.