NYU Researcher Joseph LeDoux: “the Amygdala in Five Minutes” – Newton Street Study Guide to the brain
Feb 27 2012

NYU Researcher Joseph LeDoux: "the Amygdala in Five Minutes"

In his book, The Tell-Tale Brain VS Ramachandran describes the role of the amygdala:

“Information about the world is first discriminated in the brain’s sensory areas and then relayed to the amygdala.

As the gateway to the emotional core of your brain, the amygdala performs an emotional surveillance of the world you inhabit, gauges the emotional significance of everything you see, and decides whether it is trivial and humdrum or something worth getting emotional over. If the latter, the amygdala tells the hypothalamus to activate the autonomic nervous system in proportion to the arousal worthiness of the triggering sight – it could be anything from mildly interesting to downright terrifying. Thus the amygdala is able to create a “salience landscape” of your world, with hills and valleys corresponding to high and low salience.” (p 148)



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