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Newton Street is a real place. We are located in Seattle, Washington. Our focus is learning and performance. Our clients are primarily students but we are also employed by institutions and businesses. We research, design and deliver educational experiences. We act as editors and researchers for special projects. We provide coaching support for standardized testing from entrance tests to medical school board exams. An increasing number of our clients come to us through the internet to accomplish their goals.

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Pam and Fritz


Pamela Moore and Fritz Engebretsen are the founding partners of Newton Street. We call ourselves The Newton Street Study Group because our offices are really a library with 5000 books, numerous kindles, ipads, macs and one linux box where we practice our favorite and most obsessive of activities: studying. Current and former clients can be found reading in our comfy and not so comfy chairs. Join us. It’s ever so much nicer to study in a group.


Richard Feynman

The 14th century definition of genius derives from the Latin word for a guardian spirit who watches over each person from birth. If Newton Street could choose a guiding genius, we would pick teacher and thinker Richard Feynman, whos playful imagination made the most difficult concepts seem fun and easy. We dedicate this website to his spirit. 

TEDxCaltech - Michelle Feynman and Christopher Sykes - Fun to Imagine

This website is the result of a line of inquiry into the quality of available content on the internet about perception, learning and neurocognition. Because while we love to study,  good learning resources make studying more efficient and enjoyable.

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What is it?

Neuroscientific and educational research reports that every person is capable of genius level functioning. In the 20 years we have been in business, we have seen this astounding claim proved true over and over again. But what does it mean to be a genius? Commonly understood, a genius is someone who exhibits remarkable creative and intellectual power. It is our interest to understand how to increase creative and intellectual power and how to be better at exhibiting it. It has given us the opportunity to do a lot of reading and searching. If asked what our genius is, we could say that we have gained considerable skill at finding and presenting useful and fascinating ideas. There are a lot of giants out there.

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The Brain

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